I purshased two great hurricane glass last summer. This beautiful big glasses needed something beautiful and unusuall. First of all I found cocktail of the same name - Hurricane. And I come tiki-cocktail-lovers with Hurricane cocktail. Now I want to describe some of my favorite recipes of Hurricane Cocktail.


You may read interesting Hurricane recipe comparsion on Rick`s Kaiser Penguin blog. I want to introduce three versions of Hurricane - classical, version by Dale Degroff and unusuall Hurricane Merylin by Salvatore Calabrese.

The key ingredient of classical Hurricane is passion fruit syrup. Common I use Passion fruit Syrup by Monin.



50 ml light rum
50 ml dark rum
30 ml passion fruit syrup
30 ml fresh orange juice
30 ml fresh lime juice
1 tsp. grenadine
Shake. Hurricane glass. Garnish with a flag.

I use Captain Morgan Black and Old Pascas White (Barbados) for this cocktail. The drink has bright sweet taste with some bitternes of lime.


Hurricane (Dale DeGroff)

30 ml dark rum
30 ml light rum
15 ml Galliano
20 ml fresh lime juice
30 ml passion fruit syrup
45 ml fresh orange juice
45 ml pineapple juice
1 dash Angostura bitter
Shake. Hurricane glass. Garnish with tropical fruit.

This mix is one of my favorite tropical cocktail. The drink has super-smooth sweet taste with hint of vanilla and tropic candy. It is great version! Extremely delicious cocktail!


Hurricane Merylin (Salvatore Calabrese)

20 ml Pusser’s rum
20 ml Bacardi rum
10 ml canadian whisky Seagrams
10 ml Cointreau
70 ml cranberry juice
70 ml guava juice
20 ml fresh lemon juice
1-2 drops of grenadine
Shake. Hurricane. Garnish with a strawberry, mint and kiwi slice.

This Hurricane is light and smooth. The drink has very interesting and unusuall taste. I use Angostura 1919 rum and Canadian Club White Label for mix. I think I have good results. Actually I like this cocktail very much.